Leadership Team

Bob Ghosh – Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

I am a serial entrepreneur and am also the CEO of Methodologic, LLC. I have eighteen years experience in Information Technology with significant experience in business strategy, enterprise architecture/application planning and general business management. My professional experience include working/consulting for clients like Travelers, Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, Verizon, Capital One, Bio Horizons, Engersoll Rand, NCP Solutions, Compworx, Risk Mitigation Systems, to name a few.

Ever since I embarked on an entrepreneurial binge in 1996, I have been focused on delivering affordable technology solutions that are easy to use and solve end user problems. Usability, user interfaces and information engineering are my forte. I build applications that are widely adopted.

When Casey approached me with the idea of creating open source solution stack for K-12, it was totally in line with my broader goal of empowering even the smallest organization with the tools that are typically enjoyed by large organizations with big IT budgets.

My wife is an educator and I have three siblings who are university professors. I am predisposed to this domain and hope to contribute significantly and make a difference

Casey Adams – Founder

The light bulb turned on with the idea of open source for education while I was at IBM working in the national education practice. Because it is IBM and because IBM is expensive, I was only working with the nation’s top 100 districts to help them implement complex solutions. I realized one day that most schools and districts could never afford the types of technologies that the larger districts could because of operating budget realities. That began my journey following a dream to change the paradigm of administrative software solutions in education by providing quality open source alternatives.

I have been an educator or worked in education for nearly 15 years now. My grandfather was a dean at Western Carolina University. My uncle was a high school teacher and later a principal in Alton, IL. My mother worked in education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Both of my partners spouses are teachers. Education is a part of our daily lives and OS4Ed is a dream that me and my team are going to make a reality for all of you.

I am a former IBM Education Solutions Executive and have worked with schools and districts all across the country. I am active with major national education policy groups and maintain key relationships across the education landscape. Prior to IBM, I was a teacher, technology coordinator and network administrator.

Ritesh Chowdhury – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ritesh is a talented entrepreneur who built a successful training and placement business alongside his responsibilities of running the India operations of OS4ED. An engineer himself, he has an acumen for hiring young and motivated engineers who form the core development team of openSIS. Before starting OS4ED’s offshore development center, Ritesh worked for Sony India.