We are a small group of entrepreneurs who dream big and intend to change the way that administrative software is sold and implemented in schools and districts today. For years we have watched large commercial education software companies continue to provide poor software that is proprietary and horribly expensive to a market that has little budget and few choices. We have been witness to botched and failed implementations that waste precious education budget dollars that should be going to the classroom and student instruction. And we have decided to change all of that starting right now. How? By providing quality alternatives to commercial software that are economical, easy to use and completely open. We are giving our clients freedom and control over their software solutions.

We have big dreams, a lot of passion about what we do and the personal willpower to get it done. We aren’t working for venture capitalists or angel investors. We are working for the good of education and more specifically, we are working for you, the individual educator. We intend to change the business model of administrative education software and force the large commercial companies to change with us. And in doing so, education wins and most importantly, students win and that keeps us here day in and day out working for you.