Solution for K-12 Schools

openSIS is a full featured student information system school management system. It is a transactional software that captures all information of a student right from enrollment all the way thru graduation. Every single transaction in the form of attendance, grade book, report card, discipline, billing and transcript is recorded and maintained over multiple years. A student's past information is available at a click of a mouse.

openSIS-CE, the free and community edition has all the core features necessary to run any school as a single or multi-school district mode.

Included functionalities in the community edition are:

  • Student and Staff Demographics - with ability to create unlimited custom categories and fields
  • Scheduling - single student, group of students, requests and automated scheduling
  • Report Cards - created as HTML for easy download and customization or reformatting using your favorite word processor
  • Transcripts - single and dual column out in HTML
  • Parent Portal - parents have access to data in real time and can see multiple student in a household in different schools
  • Student Portal - students see real time data posted by teacher, including grades, assignments, attendance
  • Eligibility Tracker - incentivize students by allowing them to participate in intramurals and clubs if they have passing grades.
  • Contact Information - capture unlimited contacts for students
  • Gradebook - online teacher gradebook that feeds into the student and parent portal
  • Health Records - capture student's immunization and allergies and any special medical conditions including nurse visits
  • Attendance - easy to use attendance features for teachers that admins can override. See ADA in one click
  • School Calendars - role based calendar that lets you enter schools days and holidays and events and can be targeted to a specific audience or a school
  • Google Maps Integration - automatic Google maps integration with every valid street address entered for a student
  • Special Education Functionality - track goals and progresses for students with special needs or attention.

Schools seeking expanded functionalities should purchase the openSIS Professional that includes the following:

  • Data Upload Tool - upload student data from a spread sheet directly to the database
  • Teacher Lesson Plans - teachers can attach lesson plans to calendars to let parents view the topics that will be covered in class
  • Discipline - record disciplinary actions and have it part of student's permanent record
  • EasyCom - communication tools for teachers and admins
  • Library Services - ability to keep track of books, media and equipment. Can be used as a inventory management system also
  • Student Billing - tracks billing transactions for students and let's parents/guardians pay for that on-line using PayPal or Google Checkout
  • State Reporting - upload reporting data to the State's computer directly from your SIS
  • LDAP/Active Directory Integration - maintain students and user access in your central user management system

Solution for Trade Schools and Higher Education

openSIS is a versatile student information system/school management software. Many trade schools and higher educations have successfully implemented openSIS to support their business processes.

To help such institutions maximize their return on investments, OS4ED has integrated CRM and Portal software into openSIS to provide a complete student lifecycle management. From prospecting, applicant processing, student life to alumni; data is captured only once and made available throughout the life of the student within your system.

Student Life-cycle Management using openSIS

Student Life-cycle Management using openSIS

Prospect to Student to Alumni using WordPress and SugarCRM Integration

Prospect to Student to Alumni using WordPress and SugarCRM Integration

Solution for Hybrid and On-line (virtual) Schools

With the advent of Massive Open Online Course, aka "MOOC", the classroom has flipped. Students are learning on-demand and at their own pace. Teachers are now coaches. Gone are the days of one lecture fits all.

To facilitate schools with creation of hybrid learning environment, OS4ED has integrated openSIS with Moodle and Sakai. It is bi-directionally integrated in the code level and provides seamless user experience.

openSIS Elearning Structure

Contact us for more information, demonstration and pricing of this integrated product.

Solution for Health Education

OS4ED's Patient Education Delivery Model

Health Care 1

OS4ED's Patient Education Workflow

Health Care 2